Slitti Lattenero 62% and 70% & Michel Cluizel Mangaro Lait 50%

Lattenero is a dark milk chocolate.  The 62% is an extremely well-balanced bar that gives you all the flavor of a good dark chocolate (probably not a single origin, but I don’t know) with the added creaminess of milk.  Ultra smooth texture, richness, and balance all conspire to give you a delightful experience.  

The 70% Lattenero is also excellent.  The difference is that it is less sweet and has a little less creamy mouth feel.  If you would like a mellower 70% , or, if you’re eating dark chocolate for health reasons but find it too intense, these bars could be the answer.   There’s nothing out there quite like Slitti’s Lattenero, even though there are other dark milk bars.  

Michel Cluizel makes one of those competitors:  Mangaro Lait (50%) with light colored beans from Madagascar.   Frankly, I found it soapy. Not exactly a ringing endorsement.  The Slitti is almost twice as expensive, but I think it’s better to have less of something  wonderful than more of something missable.


2 responses to “Slitti Lattenero 62% and 70% & Michel Cluizel Mangaro Lait 50%

  1. Thanks for reviewing the Slitti Lattenero. This is one I’ve wanted to try – along with Amedei Chuao.

  2. My pleasure.
    I just read a review of a slew of dark milk bars someplace…the NY Times, I believe. They rated many as excellent, but I completely disagree with them. Bonnat’s renditions were a huge disappointment (see my review of them from last week).
    Thanks for visiting my site.

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