Endangered Species Dark Milk Chocolate with Peanut Butter, and Neutraceutical Bars

This is one of those times when I can really save you some money.  On an impulse, I checked out the Endangered Species Chocolate web page. There were a few things that looked intriguing; so, on a whim, I bought some of them.  [In the past I have occasionally liked their 70% Rhino bar with hazelnut toffee, especially, when it’s on sale at my local co-op.  It’s definitely not good chocolate, but I liked the crunch of the little toffee bits.  There’s something very addictive about not knowing if the next bite will contain a sweet surprise, or not.  [They clearly have me on an intermittent reinforcement schedule.]

One of the items I purchased was an organic 52% dark milk bar with peanut butter.  I happen to love peanut butter and chocolate but I find most milk chocolate quite insipid.  I thought a 52% milk might take care of that.  In this case I was dead wrong.  The bar was bland and totally lacking in either peanut or chocolate flavor.  Somehow, it managed to taste bad without having a discernible taste!

I also tried their new line of neutraceutical chocolates.  They’re not marketing them as such, but when you add antioxidants you’re reaching for a different clientele: people for whom extra health benefits work as a Calvinist tool to lessen their suspicion of anything that might actually be hedonistic.  (Those of us who love dark chocolate know it’s pretty darn healthy as it is.  I am always culling information on the great benefits of chocolate consumption, so here’s another factoid: Researchers recently found that eating 2 oz. of dark chocolate suppressed coughs associated with colds better than over the counter medicines.) 

Anyway, I bought the organic 70% bar with Gogi Berry, Pecans, and Maca.  It tasted medicinal.   I think it might have been because the Gogi Berries add tanginess.  All the better to supposedly increase one’s chi (life force).  Maca is often cited as a stress reducer and energizer. It contains calcium, magnesium and phosphorous.  I’ll stick with yoga to increase my chi and lower my stress because I won’t be buying this again.

Ever the optimist, I tried the organic 70% bar with Cacao Nibs, Yacon, and Acai.  This was better.  Somehow, the combination of flavors worked more harmoniously, and the occasional crunch of a cocoa nib added extra interest.  Yacon is a root that contributes sweetness, antioxidants, potassium and inulin (a complex sugar that breaks down slowly without spiking your blood sugar level).  Acai is a berry that’s supposedly loaded with omega 6 and 9, fiber, calcium and vitamins.  I doubt I’d crave this, but I might try it again.

Last on my list was the organic 70% bar with Goldenberry and Lucuma.  Goldenberry is another tart entry.  It may be great for one’s health, as it’s loaded with vitamins and minerals, but it adds that edge that doesn’t appeal to me.  On the wrapper they write that Lucuma brings a delicate maple-like flavor to the chocolate.  Not for me it didn’t, and I’m very sensitive to the powers of suggestion.  Even though it may be a great source of beta-carotene, niacin, and iron, the bar with the cocao nibs had three times as much iron and it was easier to eat.


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