What’s the point?

The thought of clogging up cyberspace with yet another food-related blog is anathema to me; but where can one go to see if it’s worth shelling out big bucks for some new chocolate?  I have searched the web and have yet to find a site that speaks to me.  There are company sponsored comments, blogs from people whose taste is clearly different from mine,  and forums (the one I checked out that shall remain nameless was rigid and snooty).  So, what’s a chocophile to do? What I’ve been doing is buying everything that piques my interest and trying it out.  It’s a costly way of previewing products.  

My goal is to save you wasting your funds on chocolates you would have been happy to miss.  Of course, my taste may not be yours, but by comparing my likes and dislikes to yours you may find enough overlap so you can trust my opinion. I am picky.  I’ve been eating dark chocolate since I was old enough to hold it to my lips (unlike my daughter who was spoon fed chocolate mousse when she was three months old.)   Most of my posts will be about dark, high cocoa content bars.  Occasionally, I will review milk and filled chocolates. I seem to have an insatiable desire to try new products, so let my curiosity help you as I navigate the exciting world of chocolate.


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